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Welcome at Nenko

To improve the quality of life of clients, Nenko offers different Solutions for relaxation, communication, stimulation, development, exercise and well being. Products and activities in the field of care develop rapidly. Along with caretakers we constantly invent and realize new products that fit with the target group. 
Our products are carefully selected for people with different care needs to be involved actively in everyday life and, more importantly, make them enjoy life! 
Nenko designs and realizes multi sensory & experience spaces and rooms for the total care and is a supplier of a broad range of multi sensory products, therapy tools, special bikes, custom indoor and outdoor products, special furniture & much more.
With our special export selection we are able to offer a complete package which will be visible on this webpage soon. We also created a special export catalogue in English that will surely inspire you.
Good news! After focusing on a selection of countries in Europe, we decided we are going to expand our distributor network soon. If you are a professional company in any country worldwide and wish to become a distributor, please fill out your details below and we will contact you once selection process gets started. You will first of all receive our new English export catalogue to inform you about our export product-range. After careful selection Nenko will be appointing distributors that will be given the tools, pricing and service from Nenko to make sales possible in your country.
Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

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